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Q. What are the rules for properly using lawn care pesticides? 
A healthy lawn can out-compete most weeds, survive most insect attacks, and fend off most diseases before these problems get the upper hand. Pesticides (the generic term for insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides) are meant to kill or control weeds, harmful insects, and fungal and other diseases. The benefit of pesticides is their ability to stop a pest (weed, insect, or disease) problem that has become out of control and threatens your lawn’s health.

Pesticides do pose some risk, and their use cannot be made completely safe. Don’t be tempted to rely solely onpesticides as quick-fix solutions to your lawn problems. Serious pest problems are often a sign that your lawn is not getting everything it needs. Because the pests are symptoms of an underlying problem, you need to simultaneously correct the underlying problem and control the pest. Otherwise, the pest may return in even greater numbers than before.

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Q. How can I minimize risks to me and my family?
The simplest way to minimize risk is to limit your exposure to pesticides. If you apply pesticides yourself, read the entire label and follow all instructions, especially those for protective clothing requirements. Be sure to store all pesticides securely and out of the reach of children and pets. Regardless of whether you or a professional applies the pesticide, keep people and pets off the treated lawn immediately after it has been applied.

Although the labels for many products used on home lawns have no specific recommendations for re-entry, a good rule of thumb is to stay off a treated area until it has thoroughly dried, or, if possible, for 24 hours followinga pesticide application. Some granular pesticide labels recommend, or require, that the materials be watered in. In this case, the area should not be entered until after the watering is completed and the area is completely dry. If there are any special label directions, your applicator should provide this information at the time of application.

Q. Whom should I call if I have questions about the products I have used?
If you have professional lawn or landscape care, contact your service provider. If you have a question concerning products you have purchased for do-it-yourself lawn care, contact the store or lawn and garden center where the materials were purchased. If you don’t obtain satisfactory answers, contact the state agency that is responsible for regulating lawn care products and companies. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency also offers a toll-free number for information on pesticides: (800) 858-7378.

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